Amonanoink is a leading company devoted in advanced nano materials for printed electronics and related areas. Amonanoink shows its technical leadership through superior patents and technologies based on unique mass production technology.

Recent applications include flexible displays, solar cells, FPCBs and printed electronics which lead next generation's material industry. 

Amocon series inks enable new applications in the printed electronics industry through its ease of processing and exceptional conductivity. Amonanotech's unique nano metal based conductive ink creates robust patterns with outstanding flexibility and low resistance. Even in thin coatings ( under 1 micron), Amocon ink maintains its rated conductivity.

works with customers to develop formulations to suit specific printing methods, substrates, and applications. Our inks can be used in the development of printed electronics, including smart cards and smart packaging, among other applications.

Amocon ink, you can use standard printing technology including inkjet, flexography, graveure, screenting printing and inexpensive  substrates such as paper, PET – saving you both capital and operating expenses.

Amonanoink will be a leading company providing customer's satisfaction.