Amonanoink's conductive Ink, Amocon series, is a nano metal dispersion ink specialized for printed electronics application such as RFIDs, solar cells, displays and  various patterning applications. It contains specially designed nano metal particles and ingredients incorporated in liquid vehicle. Amonanoink's nano metal particles have very small size and narrow distribution that allows ultra-fine, highly conductive and low temperature firing on various flexible substrates including paper, FR4, PET, display glass and silicon. 



Nano silver particles are uniformly dispersed in high solid contents up to 60 wt% for ink jet application .

Printed patterns show high electrical conductivity and good adhesion to various substrates including paper, PET, PI and glass. 


§Excellent ink stability enables long term storage
Low resistivity comparable to bulk metal
§High solid contents
§Compatible with well known inkjet head makers (Dimatix, Xaar, Konica-Minolta Head)
§Good adhesion to various substrates including paper, PET, PEN, PI and glass
§Low curing temperature (150 ℃) 
§Designed for up-to-date drop-on-demand technology 

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